Offering holistic psychiatric and integrative wellness services for treatment of the whole person.

Wellness from Within

Dr. C. Shaffia Laue is a board-certified integrative medicine doctor with a specialty in psychiatry. She focuses on helping people of all ages with a wide variety of issues find relief from their symptoms and get their lives back on track. 

Dr. Laue has found that holistic perspectives- including both a nutritional and biochemical viewpoint — provide the best way to address the underlying problems of many common issues. The holistic view can help you examine the interconnections of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues that could be contributing to your current symptoms. 

As both an educator and writer, she can explain to you in clear, understandable language the underlying conditions which are troubling you, and help you resolve the issues you’re experiencing.

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Complete Care

Dr. Laue offers adult, child and family therapy in her practice, often using nutrition, homeopathy, stress reduction, and environmental medicine. In addition, she is trained in the following techniques:

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Midwest Medicine

Dr. Laue treats patients from all areas of Kansas and Missouri, and neighboring states. Her office is conveniently located near I-70 and K-10 in Lawrence, Kansas. In addition to in-person visits, Dr. Laue offers phone and video-conference visits (after the initial two appointments and any required lab tests have been done).

To make an appointment, contact Dr. Laue’s office at 785.841.1243 or via email here.

My work over the last four years with Dr. Laue has been life changing. Through a combination of talk therapy, nutritional supplement support and clean eating, I have been able to manage my depression more effectively than with any other methods I’ve tried. She has carefully guided me to face my challenges and has required me to participate fully in my own recovery. Her commitment to me gives her an edge that I rarely see in other doctors.
— J. H.

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