Offering holistic psychiatric and integrative wellness services for treatment of the whole person.

For New Patients

Every individual has a need for adequate information concerning the treatment they are about to enter and how it may affect their health. To let you know how Dr. Laue approaches therapy, she has prepared the following statement and asks that you read it, and sign it at your first appointment, indicating that you have read and understood the contents.


Appointments & Rates


Appointments are scheduled according to the needs of the individual and the desired treatment outcome. The first session will be a 90-minute consultation for which there is a $360 charge. 

This longer session is necessary in order for a more complete medical and psychological history to be completed, as well as to allow time for explaining how we might work together. It is important that a four-page medical history (provided by the office) be filled out prior to the first appointment so that our time together can be used efficiently. Call 785.841.1243 during regular business hours to schedule an appointment. 


The fee for a sixty-minute session is $220 to $295, depending on the services provided.

For non-emergency questions, you can reach Dr. Laue through the office during regular business hours. Phone conversations requiring more than 10 minutes will be billed at $20 per ten-minute segment. Payment will be due at your next session.

Once a therapeutic relationship has been established, a forty-five minute therapy session may be able to be scheduled. (This shorter session is for current or former clients who have already completed a course of treatment with Dr. Laue, and may need an occasional “refresher”).


Dr. Laue does not take insurance. continue to file your insurance claims for you — if possible — but that you will need to pay the entire fee at the time of service. Some insurance claims may be able to be submitted by this office, but pre-payment for services is still required.

New Patient Intake Forms

To give yourself time to fill out these forms to your best ability, and to maximize your time with Dr. Laue at your first visit, please download, print and complete the following paperwork prior to coming to our office:


I initially sought care with Dr. Laue because of her wholistic approach to psychological care. I was drawn to Dr. Laue’s care because I valued that a health care provider, with her exceptional credentials, would put the time and care into treating through a variety of methods, not just medication. Her therapy taught me how to manage my mind and body in ways I had not previously encountered. I found that through practicing and applying the mindfulness that Dr. Laue offered, I was able to make progress under my own power. This remains the greatest gift I could have received.
— M. B.