One component of the human being — which may be unique to our species — is the ability to infer what another person is thinking, or feeling. We can get some very good clues, but we never know for sure what is in the mind of another. 

The same might be said of our own ability to look within, to see deeply into our own mental processing. The evolution of attachments, the role of traumatic experience, and genetic, family and cultural perspectives all play a role in our ability to know others and know ourselves. Even when chemical imbalances or nutritional sensitivities are found and corrected, the behaviors that may have been caused by them may still have traumatic residues, which are often best treated by discussing them openly and in confidence.

Dr. Laue is a perceptive and sympathetic psychotherapist who can help you learn to see more deeply within, and thus gain the ability to perceive the outside world with enhanced clarity. Trained in several schools of psychology, she uses sensitivity and awareness tools that are both traditional and from the latest research to help you achieve greater freedom in life.